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Genesis “Sowing The Seed”

Food connoisseur by heart and a Chef by profession, traveling for gastronomy with an infinite bond between them, has never seized to amaze me and turned out to be my eternal love.

Coming from a vibrant, rich and gleaming culture of Indian subcontinent, the changing food scene every few hundred miles has always inspired me. Regional cuisine is a foremost reflection of abundance in community wealth, and when I took a step back and tried to explore beyond culture and boundaries, my love for food got even more secure. 

Upon getting my big break on Carnival Cruise line, I came to America, the land of possibilities, as a first-generation immigrant.  

Spending 15 years as a Chef in Corporate America, I remained inclined to share my journey through food, and what could be a better audience than of Pittsburgh, a diverse community with passion for food and hospitality in their heart. Bringing Bombay to Pittsburgh is what transpired B2B.  

We bring the vibrancy puzzle piece to the local food canvas not yet seen, and I am ready to share this authentic experience! 

Commencing Bombay to Burgh

Showcasing the complex layers of Southeast Asian cuisine, garnished with an innovative spin, and a sense of comfort of a home cooked meal. A place to relax, revitalize, and nourish while sharing stories.  

Respecting the ingredients, from source to the mouth, is our commitment. We partner with many local artisans, vendors, and farmers to preserve seasonality and freshness. Meats and dairy are void of genetics and enhancers. Aromatics are freshly ground, and every spice has an intertwining holistic story to tell.  

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.

- Mahatma Gandhi

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