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VIEW > select desired Managers. select desired managers on toolbar. If Auto Hide is off, the tabs will appear at the bottom of the manager. in the Mastercam interface, part setup, plane creation, general design, toolpath parameters, toolpath creation, tool manager, and simulation. I un-docked my \”Levels\” and \”Planes\” managers, just like I always do When you first install mastercam, the toolpath manager has \”tabs\”.❿

Mastercam 2018 plane manager free


Below is a table that lists the recommended and minimum system configurations for Mastercam. These recommendations are based upon systems that CNC Software has used for testing and evaluation. We recommend that you get as much power as possible for your systems.

Multi-core processors will typically run toolpath calculation and simulation faster. To reduce machine motion and tool movement, a common direction has been added on the Tool Axis Control Page for Multiaxis Toolpaths. It keeps the tool at a uniform tilt angle and maintains a consistent tool tilt angle. These can sometimes interfere with Mastercam applications running on your computer.

However, if you notice unexpected problems, it could be due to anti-virus software. You can temporarily disable the anti-virus software and set Mastercam as an exception.

Select 2D toolpaths now have stock awareness. Optimize finish passes using rough stock to increase efficiency and safety. Mastercam part files When you open a Mastercam X9 or older part file in Mastercam , selecting Save opens the Save As dialog box, where you can save the file with the When you open a Mastercam part file in , you will see a warning banner in the interface that tells you the file is from a previous version of Mastercam.

If you click Save, a warning will display. Choosing Yes saves the file as a Mastercam You can now select different types of entities without switching between Standard and Solid modes on the Selection Bar. If both the Face and Body Selection filters are 46 What\’s New in Mastercam — General Enhancements enabled, the cursor will alternate between face and body selection when moving over a solid.

Mastercam displays a prompt to guide you through selection techniques. Hovering over a solid highlights the nearest face and displays the face selection cursor. Click to select a solid face or double-click to select a feature. If only the Face Selection filter is enabled, you can triple-click to select all faces of a solid body. Click an individual face of the solid to deselect it from the body. Pressing [Esc] or double-clicking in an open area of the graphics window accepts the selection.

Selection masking for sheet bodies A new sheet solid selection capability has been added to the Select All and Select Only dialog boxes. Select Level or Viewsheet on the Capture Images dialog box to include them into your report. Click an icon to launch the website. System Configuration Listed below are enhancements made to System Configuration. Default file open type You can set a default file type to be used when opening a file. The setting persists from session to session. Update to Parasolids This upgrade allows Mastercam to do the following: l Maintain compatibility with other CAD modelers l Benefit from new features and capabilities, when possible l Benefit from bug fixes within the kernel 52 What\’s New in Mastercam — General Enhancements User Interface Changes The following functions have been converted to function panels for Mastercam After selecting an update option, the right side of the dialog box shows which planes will be updated.

You can select different update options and see which operations will be affected before committing the change. You can no longer output as text. These include improvements to Solid, Model Prep, and Wireframe functions. Angle Sweep To improve the creation of more complex wireframe functions and when creating or editing primitives, there are now on-screen sweep and rotate controls. These controls can snap to the AutoCursor positions of existing entities, including tangencies.

Additionally, the controls recognize horizontal and vertical snap positions based on the gnomon orientation. All wireframe functions, with the exception of Polar arcs and Ellipses, now include a sweep control. Rotate controls were added to the following wireframe functions: Polygon, Ellipse, and Rectangular Shapes.

This also applies to Roll, located on the Transform tab. Helix and Spiral now include a single-axis control that lets you graphically modify the height of the shape you are creating and editing.

Seam Control To make Roll and Unroll results easier to predict, a new gnomon based rotation control is now available. You can visually rotate the seam to see how geometry will respond, as well as snap to AutoCursor positions.

Align Note allows you to move existing notes and labels in such a way that they are more organized and easier to read. After selecting the function, select the notes you wish to align, and then choose a note to use as the reference position. You can then make any adjustments needed from the function panel. Cross Hatch is also live, allowing you to see what you are creating before accepting it. Unlike notes, labels, and letters, leaders are not live entities and cannot be edited.

Methods used to align dimension orientations Auto, Horizontal, etc. When you select Lock, the specific Method you have selected stays active until you change it. You can easily create multiple dimensions using a specific orientation without having to reset it. Hole Axis Hole Axis is now easier to use with a large number of holes, especially holes with matching diameters that are selected as a group. When you hold down the [Ctrl] key to select all holes with the same diameter, Mastercam calculates the top based on the direction of the hole.

The result can be undesirable with multiple holes pointing in different directions. In previous releases, you had to individually select the axis inside the hole or select and then re-select each arrow to change the direction of the vector. In , the vector arrow is larger and is selectable to make it easier to manage directions on a small set of holes. Direction options The new Direction options allows you to change the direction of the holes.

Use Opposite to flip the holes opposite of the direction determined by the Orientation option. Select Include blind holes to flip the direction of theoretical blind holes, but not true blind holes. A true blind hole has a physical bottom inside of the solid. A theoretical blind hole passes completely through a section of the solid. Orientation options Use the new Orientation options to determine the direction of the top of the holes. Select Cplane to orient the top of the selected holes to match the positive direction of the Z axis of the current Cplane.

Now, you can undo and redo up to twenty-five Model Prep functions using the new Undo and Redo, located on the Solids Manager. They only affect changes made using the Model Prep functions. Applying a history-based Solid function to the model clears the Undo and Redo memory stream and makes any previous Model Prep changes permanent.

Solid Enhancements Solid Sweep Solid Sweep now has more options and controls than in previous releases. Solid Sweep operations from previous releases will still have limited features when edited in Mastercam Only newly created Solid Sweep operations will support the new options. Each profile must have an equal number of entities, but the profiles do not need to be chained in sync.

The chains must contain the same number of entities, even if the shape is different. Guide Chain Use a Guide Chain to influence a Solid Sweep operation by introducing a chain that alters the shape of the results. The images below depict the orange wireframe being swept across the blue wireframe. The green wireframe is the Guide Chain. Guide Chains are not limited to the same plane as the Along Chain. New alignment options Two new options have been added to control the alignment between your profile and the Along chains.

Stock awareness has been added to select 2D toolpaths. The tool motion can now use the top, bottom, or both values of the stock, and all the linking parameters can be set to adapt to changing stock values. Add or remove finish cuts, based on the number of rough depth cuts specified on the Depth Cuts page.

The workflow for all 3D High Speed toolpaths has been streamlined. Select all group entities Selects all entities that were selected in a transform command. Select all named group entities Select all the entities that were saved under a group. Mastercam Interface Page 15 Select all advanced button allows you to select all the entities that have the same combined conditions.

The following dialog box appears on the screen. In this case you can select same type of entities that also have the same attributes. Page 16 Mastercam Interface The Select only advanced button opens a dialog box that lets you configure the cursor to only select entities of a specified type, attribute diameter or length.

For example, to select only arcs of a specified diameter, click to place a checkmark by the Miscellaneous option and then click on the Miscellaneous button. Then, enable Diameter and enter a value in its field. Exit the Select Only dialog box and pick entities from the graphic area. Only entities that are matching the criteria set will be selected.

Using this dialog box prohibits you from choosing entities that do not match your criteria. The commands that are included in the Mini toolbar are shown in Figure: 5. Figure: 5 Page 18 Mastercam Interface Mastercam allows you to transform the Mini toolbar to be able to access the attributes at all times as you did with the Status bar in previous Mastercam X versions.

Click on the Toggle Attributes Panel icon to lock the toolbar as shown. The toolbar should look as shown. A simplified Status Bar exists at the bottom of the graphics window. Figure: 6 You can move the QAT above or below the ribbon and you can customize it as needed by selecting the drop down arrow as shown.

You can Add, Remove functions from the toolbar or you can Reset the toolbar to the original functions that Mastercam installation provides.

The Options dialog box with the Quick Access Toolbar should look as shown. To add a new command to the QAT, you have to find first the command in the ribbon. Then right mouse click on it and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar. The QAT should look as shown. From the Options dialog box select Customize Ribbon. Select New Tab button to create a new tab and a new group. Rename both tab and group.

Click on the Choose command from drop down arrow to display a list with all the Mastercam commands. Select the command you want to be added in the new group and click on the Add button. For example, you may want to create a toolbar with your favorite geometry creation commands as shown in Figure: 7.

Repeat this step until you created a group with all the functions you desire, as shown in Figure: 8. Select the OK button to finish. Step 2: Rename the tab and the group.

Step 3: Select the category from where you can select the command you want. Step 4: Select the command that you want to add. Step 5: Click on the Add button. Step 6: Select the OK button to finish. If you want to create another group that contains, for example, the toolpaths that you are usually using, follow the same method and create a new group by selecting New group.

For example, you could customize the RMB like the one shown in Figure: 9 to select all common geometry creation and editing commands without moving the mouse away from the work area. Step 2: Change Category to Geometry. Step 3: Click on the last function to add the submenu below it. Step 5: Select the Add button. Step 6: Right mouse click on the Line Endpoint and select the Create submenu. Step 7: Rename the submenu Geometry and click on the plus sign to expand it.

Step 4: Repeat the process to add the rest of the geometry functions. Step 5: Select Add button. The Context Menu dialog box should look as shown. Pick the Category and then the command from the list as shown in Figure: In the Press new shortcut key enter the key combination as shown in Figure: Select the Assign button to finish.

Figure: 11 Clipboard group Attributes group Attributes group is used to set the drawing attributes such as color, line style, and line width. Any new geometry will be created using the active attributes.

Expand your Mastercam knowledge, anytime and at your own pace, with our selection of step-by-step online video eCourses. Then you can select the attribute or a group of attributes that you want to use while creating the geometry. To change an attribute for one or more selected entities, you need first to select the entities and then to select and set the attribute. If you want to change a group of attributes, click on the Set All icon and then select the entities that you want to change the attributes.

The Attributes dialog box will open as shown. Organize group Organize allows you to set the Z depth of the construction plane. It also allows you to set the main level on which you will create the geometry or change the level of existing entities. Here are some fast and easy ways to pick entities and delete them. Click and then release the button. After selecting the entities, select the Delete key on the keyboard or the Delete icon to delete the entities.

You can also analyze the position of a point, a distance between two points, a contour or a chain. You can analyze all entity types such as lines, arcs, points, splines, surfaces, solids and drafting dimensions.

You can also change the appearance of the surfaces or solids, set the managers that are active, and set the display of the axes or gnomons. You can set and display the grid, control the rotation position and set the viewsheets as shown in Figure: To zoom in and out you can also scroll up and down the mouse wheel once you select a focus point on the part. Later you will learn how to select and create Construction planes in any orientation. Select upcut endmill for roughing and finishing if cutting soft uniform material foam.

Select upcut endmill for roughing, and downcut endmill for finishing if cutting hard non-uniform materials wood, plywood, mdf. This requires two separate Pocket operations – the first with only roughing enabled, and the second with only finishing enabled.

User may input an offset for both walls and floors. Default is 0 for both values. Value entered as either a percentage of tool diameter, or an absolute distance. Users may input plunge angle value in degrees. An increase in plunge angle corresponds with a decrease in machining time. Value should not exceed 30 degrees, and must be appropriate for stock material. Harder materials require smaller plunge angle. Enable \”Machine Passes only at Final Depth\” if pocket depth relative to adjacent geometry is equal to or less than the tool flute length.

Toggle between Left and Right depending on whether the tool should offset outside or inside the assigned chains. Turn off compensation if the assigned chains are intended as cut centerlines. Enable if operation is intended for roughing, disable otherwise.

Enable for small parts when vacuum hold down is used. Enable for all parts when mechanical hold down is used. User may select Automatic or Manual tab placement.

Automatic works well for most situations, with minimum 4 tabs recommended. Once operations have been chosen, geometry has been assigned, and parameters have been adjusted, the next step is to generate toolpaths. Toolpaths are visualized in the modeling space as Blue and Yellow lines that are drawn across the input geometry. Select the operation s that is are being used, then g enerate the selected operation by clicking , or regenerate all dirty operations by clicking.

Complex or corrupted geometry may cause toolpath generation to fail. In this situation, the problem geometry should be deleted from MasterCAM a prompt will warn the user that any operations that reference the problem geometry will be affected. The geometry can then be edited or recreated in Rhino, exported as a new.

Excessive toolpath generation times can sometimes be reduced by changing Visibility from Shaded to Wireframe. Trimmed surfaces with far-flung control points cause trouble when merged into MasterCAM. Sometimes these problems can be averted by running a few Rhino commands on the problem surface s prior to merging:. Large, complex meshes and surfaces occasionally cause problems in MasterCAM as well, depending on how they were generated.

This issue is usually solved by recreating the mesh or surface in Rhino or Grasshopper. The FabLab provides a sample Grasshopper script that should produce usable geometry from the original problem geometry. Grasshopper Script for Recreating Geometry. In most cases, MasterCAM will not automatically generate the toolpath for a selected operation after its parameters and geometry have been assigned. If the operation lacks assigned geometry, or has had any changes made to the geometry assignment, parameters, or tool definitions, then the operation is considered \”dirty\” and the toolpath icon will instead display.

The toolpaths for a dirty operation will disappear from the modeling space until regenerated. If an attempt to verify dirty operations is made, MasterCAM will prompt the user to regenerate with a pop-up dialogue. Verification using dirty operations is inaccurate and should be avoided. Verification aka Simulation is the process of playing out the generated toolpaths in a virtual environment in order to check for errors and omissions. Successful verification accurate stock and tool definitions, no collisions found is a necessary pre-requisite to performing any real CNC machining at the GSD.

Student submitted jobs will not be approved or scheduled until successful verification is demonstrated.


Mastercam 2018 plane manager free –


Views Downloads 29 File size 5MB. Mastercam Interface To order more books: Call or Visit www. About the Tutorial Приведенная ссылка tutorial provides the basic knowledge on human computer interface and designing. It also throws. Software ini memiliki kelebihan terutama pada tampilan grafis. In-House Solutions Inc.

Should the manual prove defective following its purchase, the buyer and not In-House Solutions Inc. In no event will In-House Solutions Inc. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

Copyrights This manual is protected under International copyright laws. All rights are reserved. This document may not, in whole or part, be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine readable form without prior consent, in writing, from In-House Solutions Inc.

This document requires Mastercam Planf and Solids for Chapter 5. Legend Conventions Key words and Mastercam menu items are shown in bold the first time they are used. Columns on the outside edges of each page and note pages at mastercam 2018 plane manager free end of each chapter provide ample space for taking notes. Useful tips, recommended settings, best practices, and detailed instruction on the most llane features are included when possible.

Terms The following terms are used throughout this book. Click means the same as left click. Right Click means to click once on the right mouse button.

Scroll means to roll the mouse scroll wheel, or move the scroll index mastercam 2018 plane manager free a list. Options are Mastercam functions selected from the main menu. Enter means to select the key on your computer keyboard. Press means to press on a keyboard key. Choose means to select a menu option or button. A Function is the same as a menu mastercam 2018 plane manager free or command. Help means the Mastercam help files loaded with your software. Because this workspace is dynamic and customizable, your screen may appear somewhat different from that shown.

For instructional purposes, this example shows notes and interface components that are not normally displayed together. For example, the Grid is active, msatercam Drop Down menu and Panel are shown offset from their normal position for clarity. Groups functions that are most used and displays them as Icons. Icons are picture representations of functions. Ribbon Tabs The Ribbon tabs allows you основываясь на этих данных select all Mastercam functions from a list frree words across the top of the workspace.

These tabs open ribbons with specific commands. 22018 boxes are tailored for specific functions and often feature descriptive graphics to simplify user input. Area where geometry and toolpaths are mastercam 2018 plane manager free, edited, and displayed. Intersection of X, Y, Z axes. Mouse Cursor Shows mouse location. Appears as a cross hair over the graphic area and as arrow when over a menu item.

Mini Toolbar Displays the current attributes and allows the users to quick change them. Function Prompt Prompts for user input. Solids panel displays the history of the очень cinemagraph pro jailbreak free вот operations and allows you to view, manage, and edit solids and solid operations. Planes manager allows you to set the current Graphic view, the World Coordinate System, the Construction plane and the Tool pkane.

Levels manager allows you to manage the level settings for the current part file. Recent Function panel displays a list with the latest functions used. Quick Mask buttons Allows you to select entities based on an specific criteria. In Mastercam the buttons are divided in half. Clicking on the left side of the button you select all entities that are matching the mask function. Clicking on the right side of the Manageg button you select only the entities that are matching the mask function.

Keyboard Command Not shown. Keyboard Function amnager [F1-F12] and other key combinations can mastercam 2018 plane manager free assigned to functions. With this interface mastercam 2018 plane manager free is easier to find the functions you need to complete your part.

The nine ribbon mastercam 2018 plane manager free allow you to access every function available in the software. Each ribbon tab is a list of similar functions displayed from simple to more complex. Each tab contains groups of commands specific to a type of activity. The ribbon tabs combine icons with text which makes finding a function very easy.

To hide the mastercam 2018 plane manager free and gain more space in the graphics window, double click in the tab area as shown in Figure: 1. Figure: 1 To display mastercam 2018 plane manager free ribbons back, double click again in the tab area as shown in Figure: 2. Figure: 2 There are designated ribbon tabs to create or to manipulate the geometry using wireframe, surfaces or solids.

Special ribbon tab is allocated to dimension the geometry. Selecting a machine will open a contextual tab that contains all the toolpaths and related functions that can be used with the machine. To move from one tab to the next one you can hover the cursor above the tab area and scroll up the mouse wheel to move to the next tab on the left or scroll down the mouse wheel to move to the next tab to the right. To start a command you select the specific ribbon tab and the ribbon opens along the top edge of the graphics area.

In the ribbon, you then click on the command icon. One of the most manaegr mastercam 2018 plane manager free to work masstercam Mastercam is shown in Figure: 3. Choose a function by moving the cursor over it until the icon manqger text background color change, and then left click once.

This causes a panel or a dialog box to appear. Make the desired changes in the function panel and follow the prompts. Select the OK button to finish the command. By default, Quick Access Toolbar has the following functions, as shown in Figure: 4. The following functions are available in the Backstage view. The Community tab links your Mastercam mastercam 2018 plane manager free to your Mastercam. It also manages your feedback to improve the quality of the software.

Customer Satisfaction Survey rates Mastercam quality, usefulness and ease of use. It also allows you to access the Multi-Threading Manager and if you purchased Art, the Art Manager can be activated here too.

Once the managers are selected, the respective panels should appear on the left side of the graphics window as shown. To hide all panels, click on the Auto Hide icon. To dock the panel click again on the pin icon. Grid The Grid superimposes a pattern of dots and dashed lines on mastercam 2018 plane manager free drawing space.

Evenly spaced dots provide a visual cue of the approximate size and location of part features. Furthermore, the center of the grid shows the part origin. Page 12 Mastercam Interface Did you like this book? Discover other Mastercam Training Solutions at www. While there, be sure to join the conversation! The QM buttons are located to the left in the graphics window as shown. The buttons are divided in two sections.

The left upper side allows you to select all entities that mastercm be grouped based on their type or specific attributes. The right lower side of the button allows you to select only entities similarly grouped.

For example, to select all lines, mastercam 2018 plane manager free on the left upper side of mastercam 2018 plane manager free button to Select all line entities button as shown.

To ffee only entities that are lines, click on the right lower side of the button to Select only line entities as shown. The following Quick Mask buttons are available in Mastercam.

Select all results entities Selects all entities that were по ссылке after a transform command. Select all group entities Selects all entities that were selected in a transform command. Select all named group entities Select mstercam the entities that were saved under a group. Mastercam Interface Page 15 Mastercam 2018 plane manager free all advanced button allows you to select all the entities that have the same combined conditions.

The following dialog box appears on the screen. In this case you can select same type of entities that also have the same attributes. Page 16 Mastercam Interface The Select only advanced button opens a dialog box that lets you configure the cursor to only select entities of a specified type, attribute diameter or length. For example, to select only arcs of a specified diameter, click to place a checkmark by the Miscellaneous option and then click on the Miscellaneous button. Then, enable Diameter and enter a value in its field.


Mastercam University: Current Courses. Mastercam 2018 plane manager free


Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents.

We need your help to maintenance this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Share Embed Donate. Information might have changed mastercam 2018 plane manager free been added since this document was published. The latest version of the document is installed with Mastercam or can be obtained from your local Reseller. A ReadMe file ReadMe. PDF — installed with each release — includes the latest information about Mastercam features and enhancements.

Mastercam features new functionality focused on delivering speed and efficiency to your machining jobs. Product Changes Two changes have been made to the Mill Entry product. The 2D chamfer Contour type is now available for a 2D Contour toolpath. Technical Перейти на источник Technical Support department or [email protected] is open Monday through Friday from a.

Visit our website, or select Help, Tutorials from Mastercam\’s File tab to see the latest publications. Take advantage of more than videos to master skills at your own pace and help prepare for Mastercam Certification.

For more information on Mastercam University, please contact your Authorized Mastercam Reseller, visit www. For tech tips and the latest Mastercam news, follow us on Facebook www. Visit our YouTube channel to see Mastercam in action www. Registered users can search for information or ask questions on the Mastercam Полезная adobe illustrator cc icon free день forum, forum.

This includes improvements to selection, general mastercam 2018 plane manager free enhancements, and other functions not specific to one product line. Analyze Enhancements Listed below are enhancements made to the Analyze functions, located on the Home tab. Analyze Toolpath 5-axis vector information Analyze Toolpath now includes XYZ location data corresponding to the mouse location at the посмотреть еще green or end red of the toolpath segment.

This information is in addition to the feed and speed data that is shown between нажмите чтобы перейти start and end of the segment. Use the Opacity slider to control their translucency. Analyze Distance Along Curve allows you to find the distance along a line, arc, or spline edge without having to trim or перейти на источник it first. Mastercam 2018 plane manager free Analyze Distance, Analyze Distance Along Curve does not measure a linear distance, but rather the length along the curve between two userdefined points.

This function reports the following position coordinates as they relate to the Cplane origin: l Distance l Start angle 15 What\’s New in Mastercam — General Enhancements l End angle l Sweep angles Lathe coordinates Analyze Position now displays when a DZ construction plane is now active. Propagate arc radius When using Analyze Entity on an arc or radius, you can now apply a mastercam 2018 plane manager free to all selected arcs by selecting Propagate arc radius on the dialog box.

Statistics Statistics now reports the number of sheet solids in the current part mastercam 2018 plane manager free. Now, Face center points and Center points are independent of each other. The Command Finder opens as a floating window that can be repositioned and remains on-screen until you close it.

Enter a word in the Command Finder and Mastercam returns a list of possible matches that include a short description of the function. Double-click a search result to open that function.

In Mastercamyou can also create new viewsheets by clicking New to the right of the viewsheet tabs. The new tab is highlighted, so that you can input the name immediately after creating the viewsheet.

By default, the new plane is added to the Planes Manager. Delete Duplicates Delete Duplicates now identifies duplicate arcs, even when they have different start and end angles.

No Hidden Dimmed 20 What\’s New in Mastercam — General Enhancements Endpoints Endpoint display has been enhanced, now displaying as solid white circles with a black outline to provide contrast with different geometry and background colors. You can toggle Endpoints on the Home tab to display or hide geometry endpoints. Your setting will persist across multiple sessions of Mastercam. The size of the endpoints is not configurable, and they do not scale when the screen is re-sized.

Improved access to chaining tolerance Chaining tolerance is now stored with the chains in mastercam 2018 plane manager free Chain Manager. The value in the Chain Manager only affects the selected toolpath and is applied to all subsequent regenerations of the operation. Other toolpaths will continue to default to the chaining tolerance set in the Tolerances page of System Configuration. As with other operations in Mastercam, when you move or modify the geometry used in the Probe operation and regenerate, the operation will update with the new geometry.

You no longer need to recreate the Probe mastercam 2018 plane manager free. Stock display The Stock Display and Stock Shading options, that were previously available on the View tab in Mastercamare now located on the specific machine type tab and have been expanded. In the case of Mill, Router, and Wire machine types, Stock Display works as it did in previous versions. For Lathe and Mill-Turn machines, you can now control which stock components are displayed in the graphics window.

Mastercam 2018 plane manager free Mill-Turn machines, the available components depend on your Job Setup and your current machine. If a component is not defined or available for your current machine setup, the option is disabled from the Stock Display drop-down.

Guided Chaining You can now guide and select the next entity in a chain when a branch point has been reached. Guided chaining is available in 3D Wireframe and Linked Тогда, book collector 2.3 free download Пригодится….(-___________-) mode for solids.

One or more blue arrows display pointing in the direction of any alternate branches as shown in the following example. Two new controls are now available on the Chaining dialog box: Use Next to continue in the direction of the red arrow.

Alternately, you can click on the red or blue arrow to advance the chain in that direction. Keep names when exporting solid bodies When exporting solids to other CAD formats, Mastercam will now export the solid name data with the bodies.

Naming levels and solid bodies from imported solid assemblies When importing solid assemblies, Mastercam\’s file importers use a new protocol to populate both the Solids and Levels Manager. Mastercam processes the solid depending on what type of information is available from the incoming file format.

If there is no level or body name data in the imported file, the body and the level name are the file name. Levels Manager l l l l Level names from the imported file or assembly are preserved in mastercam 2018 plane manager free Mastercam part file. Even when importing from formats with no level data, Mastercam places the imported solid bodies on separate levels.

The level name is based on the solid body name, when possible. When the information is present in the original file, Mastercam 26 What\’s New in Mastercam — General Enhancements assigns mastercam 2018 plane manager free solid body name to each level. To change this behavior, deselect Assign Level names to match Solid names on the Converters page of System Configuration. Mastercam organizes the various solid bodies of an assembly in the Solids Manager.

Whenever possible, Mastercam names each imported solid body. Multiple bodies with the same name will have numbers appended. Bodies in separate part files in assemblies will include the name of the assembly in the Solids Manager. Ignore blanked entities in count Select Ignore blanked entities in count from the Display options dropdown to not include blanked entities in the Entities column count.

This option is off by default. Previously, blanked entities were included in the entity count and caused confusion between the count and visible entities on a level. Import via drag and drop You can now drag and drop a supported file for example.

Mastercam Mastercam 2018 plane manager free Listed below are enhancements made to Mastercam Simulator, accessed through the Toolpaths Manager. You can add a bookmark, clear a bookmark, or clear all bookmarks. Use Automatic Bookmark to insert bookmarks at certain locations, such as a tool change or operation change. The bookmarks are then displayed on the playback bar. Simply mastercam 2018 plane manager free any icon to display the part as it is at that moment.

You can also use Create Bookmark on the playback bar to add a bookmark. If you exit Mastercam Simulator or regenerate the toolpaths, the bookmarks are cleared automatically. They do not persist between sessions. Create presentation You can now create a presentation from Mastercam Simulator. Saving a presentation lets you preserve your settings and layout of your Mastercam 30 What\’s New in Mastercam — General Enhancements Simulator session and can be used to show a simulation on any computer, even if it does not have Mastercam.

Select Save Presentation on the Home tab to create your presentation. Select Verify from the Toolpaths Manager, and select Simulation on the Home tab to view the machine simulation. Use the Components tab to set up stock and fixtures.

Use the Data tab to set tolerances. Use the Simulation tab to set the machine, position, and tolerance. If you do not have a machine selected when entering Mastercam Simulator, Mastercam will default to a ссылка на страницу machine or a machine that was selected in the Machine Simulation dialog box for the standalone Machine Simulation.

Once logged in, you have access to Mastercam\’s social media outlets, your Reseller information, the Mastercam forum, and other helpful information.

Alternately, you can select a member of the group, which will select продолжение здесь entire group. This new option is located on the Nesting Configuration dialog box. New location for temporary files Temporary nesting files now go into Mastercam\’s default temp folder Mastercam 2018 plane manager free creating a new plane by using the on-screen, dynamic gnomon, from the Planes Manager, using Ссылка to Plane, etc.

When editing an existing plane, the Edit Plane function panel opens. The function panels share the same controls, which are enabled or disabled as appropriate for the mastercam 2018 plane manager free mode. Import via drag and drop You can now drag and drop a supported file onto the Planes Manager to import the file\’s planes. The Plane Selection dialog box displays and lets you select which planes to import. The planes are imported into the open Mastercam file.

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